Bearded Dragons Abandoned: There's a better way!

Posted Tuesday August 25, 2015
ImageI follow the news as it relates to bearded dragons, trying to keep an eye out for the latest happenings to pass on to all of you. I have to admit, when it comes to news, there isn't a lot of variety, as you might have noticed we don't have 2-3 new news stories to share each day. But what I have noticed is that certain types of stories seem to dominate the news. In particular, there seems to have been an increase in reporting about lost or abandoned bearded dragons. Individually, they don't seem like something I should post about, but collectively, it is worth bringing up.

In the past year, there have been many stories about abandoned or possibly lost bearded dragons. There's been Hector in Lake Oswego (lost, but found owner), the bearded dragon of Rhigos Mountain (UK), the "dumped dinosaur" of London, and our friend at Bradshaw Animal Shelter (California). There really are many more out there, but this would just turn into a long list. This issue seems to have made the news in the UK more than other places. And there seems to be increased efforts to tighten the exotic pet laws.

So, let's discuss alternatives before the government makes it illegal to own bearded dragons.

1) Make sure you keep your bearded dragon in a secured enclosure. If you're a forgetful person, open-top (as opposed to sliding front glass) is likely safer.

2) Always keep an eye on your beardie. They are not cats or dogs. If you just let them run around the room, you may lose track of them and they may find a way to escape. If you'd like to have your beardie enjoy a little outdoor sun, check out the screened reptariums available out there.

3) Do not abandon your beardie. Many people don't realize how much they end up costing or how long they end up living. It's okay. It happens. But don't make one mistake into a bigger one. It's not just illegal. It's cruel and unethical to just abandon your beardie with no way to fend for itself. They are not native to where you live (most likely) and cannot survive on their own.

If you need to find a new home for your beardie, many people are more than happy to help. The For Free forum is a great place to post about a beardie you need to find a new home for. Alternatively, you can also post in the Beardie Rescue forum about finding your beardie a new home.

So, please be careful with your bearded dragons. And if you can't take care of them, please put in the effort to find someone who can. It's the right thing to do.