Animal Cruelty Does Not Pay: Take care of your animals

Posted Thursday December 4, 2014
I think that most people who visit this website understand that animals should be cared for, well fed, and certainly not neglected. But not everyone in this world seems to feel the same way. Fortunately, in the case of Reptiquatics of Whitley Bay (UK), the owners should not be able to cause any more harm than they already have.

After pleading guilty to charges of animal cruelty, they've been banned from trading/selling animals for 10 years, and 200 hours of unpaid work. Some may view this as a light sentence, but at least their actions were met with just consequences.

The judge was quoted as saying, "... it's not just negligence on your behalf, there is some amount of intent. You knew what the requirements were of you in keeping these animals."

What did they do? As their exotics center was failing, they would leave the animals unattended for a week at a time. No food, no water. And based on the condition of some of the animals, I'm guessing when they did check in, that the care was probably not very good either. For example, one emaciated bearded dragon weighed in at only 192 grams and died. For those not aware, most dragons should be between 350 and 600 grams. Other failures of care.... temperatures were too low and lighting and water filtration systems were turned off.

The lesson here... if your business is failing, keep your personal integrity and make sure you still do right by the animals you were once caring for and selling! Heck, it would have been better for them to have a "giving away for free" event, than to simply let the poor animals suffer the neglect.

The same goes for any individual who finds that they can't care for their bearded dragon. Do the right thing and at least find the little one(s) a new home. On, we have a For Free forum where people can seek a new home for their beardie (or anything else you may be looking to give away for others to use).