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Hi all. Never in a million years did I think I'd get so excited about a lizard pooping in his bath before. Lol

I want to potty train him, so I'm super excited. He's only ever pooped i the tub once. I was hoping today was the day since its Saturday, since he hasn't pooped in about a week and since he ate about 14 supers for breakfast. Yay!!!!!

What a nice birthday present. For him. Lol. He's a year old roughly right around now.


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I just got in a mixed shipment of dubias and boy those little bugger are LITTLE!! I think most of the shipment are to small for him to eat without eating them all in one sitting! Lol! I wonder how long it takes them to grow?

I put a couple bigger ones in front of him (an inch?) and he gobbled one up quicker than quick!! I was excited!!!! But that was it. Just one. He wouldn't eat anything else.

When do I start being concerned that my one year old boy barely eats anything??


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I posted this in feeding, but thought maybe a few will see it here instead:

Maybe its just me - I have never eaten any 'greens' in my life - not collard, not mustard, not turnip, none. Never even really heard of them until I moved to the south. For whatever reason, I decided to taste the mustard greens. I had been noticing Zilla would really dig in to eat them, but after the first bite he'd snub his nose at them. They are really SPICY! Could that be why he doesn't eat them? But so many people swear they are a favorite and a staple.

I've been having concerns for the past few months with Zilla really not eating. I first was just thinking its semi brumation since he only just turned a year in February. The few warm days lately have perked him up - so I was really hoping that was it. He still only eats maybe one or two Superworms a day - sometimes more if i wiggle them and hand feed them to him. He refuses discoid roaches (I think maybe they are to big for him?) and now he is snubbing the new dubia roaches i got for him. He gobbled one up, but that's it. No more the past few days.

He won't even eat baby food or special made slurries (that smell absolutely delicious i might add, haha).

I hung fabric on the inside of his cage to minimize the reflection except for the front. (I noticed him head bobbing at himself once and thought perhaps he was stressed about that.)

All his temps are fine. I plan on investing in a temp gun soon, but right now I use a probe and his basking spot varies between 104 and 107. He poops about once a week or less. So at least I know he's eating enough to poop.

Any ideas? I don't know when I should start to think its something to worry about.

Thank you everybody!


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I decided to copy and paste this here too, in case someone sees it.

How old is your dragon? 13 months
How long have you had your dragon? 12 months
How long is your dragon? 22"
What is the sex of your dragon? male
What size enclosure do you have your dragon in? 40 gallon, 36 x 18 x 18
What type substrate do you have on the bottom of your tank? slate tile
Do you use UVB lights? yes
If so, Is it a coil, compact, fluorescent tube, or Mercury Vapor bulb? MVB
What is the brand name and number of your bulb? Wattage (if MVB)? PowerSun 100w ZooMed
How old is your UVB bulb? bought on 12/16/12
How close can your dragon get to the UVB? about 6 or 7 inches
Do you use a separate basking bulb? What kind and what is the wattage? Is it a white or colored bulb? no
Di you have any type of night time heat source (ceramic heat emitter, colored bulb, etc)? CHE but not using it. living room doesnt go below 65 at night
How long are lights on each day? trying to mimic the sun. right now on at 630, off at 645
What are the basking temps? 104 - 107
What is the cool side temp? 74
What is the night time temp? 68
Do you take the temps with a stick on thermometer, a digital thermometer with a wire and a probe end or a temp gun? digital with wire and probe
Where exactly are you taking your basking temps? in the middle of where he lays. i lay it on the same spot he does
Do you use a heat rock or heat pad? no
What do you feed your dragon? Please be specific. he eats supers, i offer dubias, discoids, mustard greens, collard greens, turnip greens, green yellow red orange bell peppers, carrots, butternut squash, baby food, romaine hearts, endive, escarole, grapes, watermelon. i try different things every time i go to the store to find something he'll eat.
How often do you feed and what time do you feed (morning, afternoon, night)? in the morning
Do you gutload (feed) your crickets, worms, etc? yes. they eat what he doesnt eat
Do you use vitamin or calcium supplements? What brand(s)? How many days a week do you use each of them? flukers calcium dust with d3 everytime.
Is your dragon having regular bowel movements (poops)? about once a week. not a lot of odor. finally they are looking like little logs. sometimes a little watery.
Do you bathe your dragon? How often? about once a week, but trying to potty train him, so will be more often
Do you mist your dragon or offer water other than in the bath? sometimes especially when hes shedding
Have you gotten a vet check and fecal done? he hasnt been to vet, but his poop has. negative for everything. i didnt believe it, so i got an at home kit - still negative. not i believe it because his poop doesnt stink so bad anymore.
Does your dragon share an enclosure with another dragon? no


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Made him a pile of stuffies so he could look out the back door.



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Finally! I've been reading about the snuggles you guys get, and I finally got one!!!!! I was hanging out yesterday relaxing on the sofa talking with a friend, and Zilla scooted up and layed his chin down. I was like, 'holy cow!' Then, he did it again and really snuggled in!!!!!


This was earlier in the day, watching TV.

Then these are from Thursday and Friday. I felt bad for him because work had completely taken up my time that I wasn't able to let him out to play in the morning, or take him out to sleep on me at night. So I took him to the office with me. Problem solved! He loved it! Didnt mind a smaller tank at all, and LOVED running around my office and down the hall. Lol




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Congrats on your first neck snuggle! Isn't it a great feeling?
Of course, now you'll be expected to allow snuggles on a daily basis :wink:


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YEAH, first beardie snuggle, now you know what all the fuss is about! When he's sleepy at night and you have some time, just put him on your shoulder, I've had Gabriel on the left shoulder and Titan on the right shoulder and they slept there for over 2 hours while I watched a movie last night. This only happens on weekends because during the week I'm not home until 9:30p, but in the mornings before work, they also get snuggles on the way to their baths.

He's so cute and aren't you lucky you can take him to work!

beardie parents

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Beardie snuggles are great. Gina's right, tho. Once they get used to it, it's a requirement from them for you to allow them on your shoulder, whenever they decide they want to be there.


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sweetiepie9":3cbkt1mq said:
YEAH, first beardie snuggle, now you know what all the fuss is about! When he's sleepy at night and you have some time, just put him on your shoulder, I've had Gabriel on the left shoulder and Titan on the right shoulder and they slept there for over 2 hours while I watched a movie last night. This only happens on weekends because during the week I'm not home until 9:30p, but in the mornings before work, they also get snuggles on the way to their baths.

He's so cute and aren't you lucky you can take him to work!

I usually do pull him out before night night, but he's never ventured up to my shoulder before. Right now he's stuffed down my fleece vest while I work on my laptop at the kitchen table. (Shh, don't tell my boss i'm being a slacker at the moment.) He was a little more active today, and head bobbing a bunch for the first time, so even though its rainy out, he wouldn't do the neck snuggle. But when I stuffed him down my vest and zipped him up, not a peep out of him while he drifted off. If he could snore, i'm sure he would be. And now i'm sweating because I really don't need to be wearing a fleece vest, inside, in April almost May, in North Carolina..... :D just easiest to wear while 'wearing' him.

I brought him to work on Thurs and Fri because I knew the boss' two dogs wouldn't be there and I didn't know how Zilla would handle being at the office as it was, let alone with two dogs. So, next time I think he'll be fine. I'll probably leave that tank there for the days I feel guilty for leaving him. LOL spoiled much?

Here's right now: (and only because I totally figured out photobucket)

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