Zeke Fatty Live Disease - Update w/ Pics

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I am so so sorry to hear this....you were an excellent slave and I am sure Zeke appreciated everything you did for him..R.I.P Zeke :(


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I am so sorry to hear the news about Zeke. :( You did the very best you could for him, and made the right decision for him when the time came. He is now resting comfortably at the Rainbow Bridge. Please take care of yourself now. I'm sending healing thoughts and prayers, Esther


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Thank you all for all of your words of comfort and encouragement over this last month. I'm kind of at a loss for words beyond that, but I really do want to thank all of you for being with us through this.


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I am so sorry about Zeke. I wish the outcome could have been better. On the positive side, Zeke is no longer in pain, and you know what the problem was. You did everything in your power and went above and beyond for Zeke. I admire you for everything you have been through with him and your courage and devotion. You deserve a special medal of honor! Please let us know if you need anything.


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I just can't believe that my little Zekey man was only a part of my family for one short year. I'm just relieved to know that nothing about my care of him put him in this situation. I was agonizing over why and how he could have developed the fatty liver and extreme constipation; now I know and I'm so glad it was nothing I did. And I also found one of the best vets I've ever known. I have never come across another vet who would go so far or care as much as this one. If or when I get another reptile, I won't have to shuffle through a bunch of bad vet advice. We'll get proper care from the get-go.

I'm really missing Zeke though. It was hard sitting down in the evening and not having my beardie burrito snoozing on my lap.


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I am so sorry to hear about Zeke, but you did your best on trying to fix him and it sounds like your vet did the same, but you made the right decision about his pain and suffering. I know its not easy at all, I have tears in my eyes just thinking about the decision you had to make, but you made the right one.

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I'm sorry you had to do that to Zeke. I can imagine how hard it was, yet it would be harder to watch him die from the cancer, you knew that. I do know you will never have another Zeke, but you will find another beardie that needs your love. This is from one who lost 4 in a 2 year period. That was hard, but we have two now that are used to the nuttiness (I'm sure that's their opinion sometimes) of us. We love them, yet we still miss those that went before.


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My sympathy for the loss of Zeke. I can relate to missing your beardie burrito. It does take time to get use to the empty feeling and fill it up with all the wonderful memories instead. May you soon be able to stop the tears and focus on the memories. R.I.P. Zeke


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I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Zeke. :cry: It is so difficult to lose them, no matter how long or short of a time they are with you. They stay in your heart, forever.

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