You know you're living with beardies when...

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Just thought we could start identifying things around the house that indicate a house full of beardies, i.e. You know you're living with beardies when...
while barefoot, you step on a thorn. When you remove it, it's actually a shedded beardie scale!

You know you're living with beardies when...
Crickets sing from all corners WITHIN the house!

You know you're living with beardies when...
Your refrigerator is full of worms and this is a very good thing, not a sign for a serious cleaning job!

I know there are many more ways that show others we are doing things a little bit differently! So, how do you know you're living with beardies?
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You know you're living with beardies when your boyfriend starts eating that yummy salad in the fridge, and you freak out because it's for your beardie(s)!


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You know you're living with beardies when your back garden has turned into a vegetable garden full of beardie only foods lol


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You know you are living with beardies when bugs are on your weekly shopping list.


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you take paper towel rolls out of the garbage can at work (for the bug bins), have baby wipe containers in various rooms throughout the house with no babies around and the clorox spray never leaves the side of the bath tub. Oh and yes... you advise guests NOT to open certain closets in the house but then secretly hope they do (roach bins).


You know you're living with Beardies when.......
-You want to rearrange the front room and your first thought is whether there will be enough room by the window for him to sunbathe
-The first thing you plan for your weekend is going to pick up the crickets
-When you see something move along the floor when you are out shopping you scream 'aaaaiiiiiii yaaaaaaa' before jumping onto it with full flailing arms...obviously. This usually results in a few funny looks and a very red face :oops:


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You know you are living with a beardie when
you come home from work and pass the rest of your family to see how the beardie is doing and greet your little pet.

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There's a fridge drawer full of greens and other veggies but the rest of the fridge is practically empty, and the food in the drawer isn't for you.
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