?YF, blister or bad shedding?


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I am waiting for a call back from the Exotic Vet Hospital about this spots that came up on Olive Draco on Monday evening and just wanted to see if anyone here had any ickling as to what this may be - the bubble looking spot on the right was since popped or deflated - no change in appetite or bowels.

He items and cage are cleaned three times a week along with bathing twice a week - if it were to be YF, I have no clue how he could have contracted it :/

Thanks, Jess


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Probably just a small area of shed, they sometimes form a little cap right there above the eye. Just to be sure though, how close can he get his basking bulb and is it a tight beam spot light ? Show a pic of him under it. Every once in a while a beardie will get a slight burn, if that were the case [ which it is highly unlikely ] you can put a dab of unpasteurized raw honey mixed with a few drops of water on it.

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