Yellow HARD Egg

Hello everyone,
I want to start off by saying that I have a lot of experience with bearded dragons and have done as much research as one possibly could do. I currently have 5 and some have ongoing health issues that I care for and will for the rest of their lives. The one in question is my oldest right now (currently 2 years) and she is probably my healthiest. My beardies all have arcadia 12% t5 light fixtures and heat lamps at proper basking temperatures. Humidity never goes higher than 40%. They all eat collard greens, turnip greens, and mustard greens with occasional mixes of other things. They get the biggest variety of bugs available to me here in the US. They are all in their own at least 40-120 gallon tanks. I will be upgrading the younger ones once they get older. They get calcium dusted on bugs and once a week on salad. Calcium is substituted with a multi vitamin dusting once every two weeks.
Just wanted to get all the usual questions out of the way first.
Now to the problem, about a month ago she started digging and laid two single eggs at two separate times. She then pooped out a broken egg with yolk in her poo and urate (picture included). Two days later she laid a full clutch of 30 eggs and then she went right back to being healthy and eating again and acting completely normal, never once has she been lethargic. About a week ago, she started digging again. She then laid another egg about two days ago and then today she laid this really hard egg that was filled with the bright yellow yolk, fully intact, I broke it open to make sure it didn't smell or anything. She has not laid anything since and continues to dig. No decrease in energy, she roams the house and acts perfectly normal. The only thing decreased is her appetite. She has taken two baths today and has drank in both of them which is also a little unusual. I just want to make sure everything seems normal and is a pattern of normal behavior for bearded females.
Thanks in advance.
ADD ON: while in the middle of writing this she just pooed out a weird looking stringy substance. (Last picture)
1ST: the bursted egg with the yolk in her poo
2ND: clutch of healthy infertile eggs
3RD &4TH: her directly after the clutch laying
5TH &6TH: the hard egg and yolk in question today
7TH, 8TH, & 9TH: her today directly after laying the hardened egg.
9TH: the weird poo today


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It's not unusual for them to lay multiple clutches, one of mine has laid 4 since mid January. 85 in total. The hard yellow ones are slugs. The most concerning thing to me is the ruptured egg. If it happened before she passed it, it could cause an infection. If your 100% surr it ruptured before being laid I'd recommend a vet visit just to be safe.

Drache613 Sicko
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I agree, a lot of them can oftentimes have a few more to lay after they lay a large clutch. She looks
alert right now & doesn't appear to be acting sick or in pain. She should be fine & hopefully she wont
lay anymore eggs right now!


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I just re-read your first post and realized that this is the right amount of time between clutches for another one to be laid, and being that she's digging again there is actually a chance that she has another clutch to lay. Don't let her roam outside the enclosure too much, keep her in where she can lay her eggs. Since she already laid one slug [ all infertile eggs are slugs BTW ] she may have more to lay soon.


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Thanks so much for all of your replies. Should I be keeping her substrate moist? I usually don't due to humidity but should I for now? I will try to keep her in her tank, she's just so used to coming out that she doesn't go to the bathroom in there but I will see if she can make it work, at least until the eggs are out or she stops digging.
Also, I am unsure if the egg was popped before or after she released it. I assumed before because of the mess of poo that came out too but she has been acting completely fine and eating a bunch, no lethargy or anything before just a couple days ago when she started digging again.

Thanks again for the replies, I'm keeping a good eye on her and will be until she seems back to normal.

Drache613 Sicko
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How is she doing today, has she still been digging some?
It is a good idea to keep the substrate in her laybox moist/damp, yes. It is helpful if it's damp enough to
hold up to her digging & making a cave to where it would hold up & not cave in on her when laying.
I'm glad to hear she isn't lethargic & black bearding. If she is eating, that is a great sign.


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