Yellow Fungus??


My beardie just passed the 1 year mark and she is almost done shedding, only her front feet left, but i noticed recently this little very faint yellow patch on her chest. She is a citrus, all tho mostly more on the orange side apart from her chin and beard.
I was looking at other forums and everbody says yellow if fingus so i am worried.
The firsr picture is with flash since without flash it doesn't show up on the camera. Its more on the side of her scale a very faint yellow, almost like bad shed or little bits of shed left stuck.
It doesnt hurt her when i touch her she eats like normal, runs and climbs as normal. Doesn't seem to bother her at all, and i didn't think anything of it until i started looking online to see if other have had something like this and found yellow fungus.
I clean her cage everyday, she gets a bath at least 1 a week, sometimes, when shedding, 1 or 2 more because she loves swimming! But i make sure that i dry her before putting her in her terrarium.
Also, i live in Spain and since the weather is good and warm i let her hang out with my in the sun, no more than 1 hour a day, and not even everyday because when its to windy i am afraid she may get too cold so i dont take her out with me, outside. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. When i got her last year and she was a tiny baby i didn't take her outside with me in fear of her falling of me or running and injuring herself because she was so tiny. Don't know if its important i just wanted to add it incase it is of any significance.
Somebody please help.



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KarrieRee":1u7wnhi4 said:
She looks like shed is coming on again ---

I thought so too, especially because it looks like a film of sort like with shed is on her scales, but since she just shedded her chest. She is shedding her lips and nose again even tho she did that a few weeks ago,, but i thought that maybe that is because she still is growing...


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Little update: she is done shedding her feet and mouth and on her belly it hasn't gotten bigger or anything. I did however noticed that she has 3 small orange spots on her belly, don't think its YF because its orange not yellow. Its the same colour as her beard so i think it's just her colour coming through?
Took picture with and without flash justin case:

She is just as usual, would say even a bit more active now since the weather is getting better, so she likes to explore more around the house (supervised of course) and eats like normal.

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