Yellow Fungus?


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(Please read my reply too!) Hi all, I'm concerned about two yellow crusty spots on my Mushu's beard and I'm hoping to get some opinions on what could be causing it. It appears to be a yellow crust on top of his scales which looks like yellow fungus. The first spot near his mouth appeared about 1 month ago, it subsided after a week or so, and it came back this morning along with the second spot on his beard.

Mushu has a proper setup and is cared for well, however he has been rubbing his face on the glass lately and his behavior seems more restless than usual. Any input would be greatly appreciated, and please know that I am working to get him to the vet ASAP.



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Update: I was able to brush the crusties off with a toothbrush very easily. The one next to his mouth came off with some other skin as a part of a shed. The one on his beard came off easily too, but it wasn't connected to shedding skin... does this rule out yellow fungus?

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