Yellow Fungus or Just Paranoid?


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Would yellow fungus come off with a wet paper towel? Obviously I'm not asking about treatment, but I noticed yesterday that my lil boy has some bright yellow on his mouth. It resembles how his mouth looks after I give him food with bee pollen, but I haven't done that in a few days and I just noticed a change yesterday. Don't know how he could have gotten it as I haven't come in contact with another dragon in over a year.

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It sounds like it was just a stain. Did you get a picture that you can post here ? Post a few pics of that area anyway to show what it looks like now, I'm sure it's not Y.F. if it just wiped off.


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Thank god, and yes I did! You might have to look a bit hard to see what I'm talking about, it's at the forefront of his mouth. Also, the orange/yellow on his beard and around his eyes is just his coloring, that's not what I'm worried about lol.
First pic is before I rubbed some off last night, second pic is today.



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that definitely looks like pollen to me. when sir henry eats he winds up with it all over his face and chin. cleaning him up reminds me of washing a pbj sandwich off a 3 year old! always some left over no matter how hard you try. :LOL:

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I agree, yellow fungus definitely would not wipe off, it is literally on or inside of the scales. He
probably had food or supplements on his little face. His colors are great!


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