Xrays & lab results in comments!


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Glad tio hear that he's eating on his own again, what a great and happy surprise for you ! I didn't get a notification for the last couple of posts but I just saw this one. BTW, I can't remember if I asked but are you positive that Malachi is a boy ?


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Thank you, it really is such a great thing! I can't even fully express it... It's just been a insane amount of work taking care of him this whole time and obsessing with figuring out what he may need to get him to eat again! I've spent a long time and lots of energy trying to help him. It's honestly a miracle to me.
I am pretty sure Malachi's a boy. The breeder I got him from sexed him for me and I have checked many times myself, but no harm in checking again lol! Why do you ask?


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There are more than a few owners that think they have a male that ends up female and Malachi's slim head makes me think female, although that is not a true indication in itself by any means. As long as you've checked him yourself and are sure you've seen the bulges in the tail then that's what counts.


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Ahh I see, yes sometimes I question it too with other people's dragons. Just recently actually, I thought someone might have been mistaken the gender of their female because of the head shape being similar to Malachi's. His head is much larger and more bold than my females' was and other females I've seen. But yes I did check again today and he still has his hemipenes lol! He's a boy! :D

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