would you get a baby or adult?

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Well I'm looking to get a bearded dragon. I'm not sure if I should get a baby or adult. What would you guys get for your next dragon, baby or adult? Oh and what MVB should I use? Megaray, powersun or exo terra solar glo? What do you guys use and prefer? Or should I use a heat bulb with a uvb tube. Other than the reptile bulbs, what other bulbs would I use? People say to use PAR38 halogen bulbs, but I'm afraid they don't give enough heat. Is there any other heat bulb alternatives?


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if your new to beardies id advise a adult easier to take care of. i use a heat bulb and tube light its cheaper. i use a halogen 100watt for my beardie. if your doing MVB do the powersun one


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I started with a baby and loved watching him grow, but even with all of my research I wasn't quite expecting how expensive they are. They eat a lot of feeders so you'll need to buy a lot. It's cheaper to buy in bulk, but it still adds up fast. Adults eat less feeders and more greens and are usually easier to handle too.


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mine wasnt as much tho i spent about $28 a month on crickets wayyy cheaper that way and i got 1000 crickets


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I tend to spoil mine... a lot! LOL I was ordering phoenix worms about every other week along with crickets in the beginning, but eventually switched to dubia. I'd also add in other types of worms to add variety. It was the shipping fees that killed me. You're paying $30 for food and another $20 for shipping. I've since found cheaper sources. :)


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Cape Cod Roaches. They're not super cheap, but cheaper than the big suppliers. His prices also include shipping. :)


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Ok thanks guys. I have had a bearded dragon before. But he sadly passed away. I'm just afraid that if I get a baby I won't raise him right, and he will become a picky eater and only eat insects and not veggies. That's what happened to my last one. I didn't raise him right, and he only wanted insects and never liked veggies. But I could give another baby a try possibly.


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No matter which one you decide on, feel free to come here with any questions or to run ideas by us. We have your back with raising your dragon and will do our best to make sure you take the best steps possible to make sure he is happy and healthy.
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