Would You Change Your Beardie's Name Based on Gender?

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My little "guy" started out as Felix. The he grew up and was actually a girl lol so we changed it to Felicia. I like saying "bye Felicia" every morning I leave for work. We usually just call he Fe for short though :D


We adopted (rescued) a Beardie from one of my daughters classmates a few months ago. We were told she was 6 months old & a girl, so we named her Blossom. This is our first Beardie and we are learning new things about them every day. I'm pretty sure Blossom is a boy, but I swear "she" acts just like my teenage daughter, so Blossom he/she will stay...
I got Lucy when she was a year old and she was named/sexed by her previous owner. She seems too small to be a male and has the little bumps, but she is a little territorial and HATES when I bring men home. She has a few other "male" behaviors.

All in all I decided if someone guaranteed me she was actually a he I'd probably just ignore it anyhow. She's a 5 year old lizard. I'm sure gender roles are far from her mind :lol:
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