Would You Change Your Beardie's Name Based on Gender?

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So I recently made the discovery that Chester is officially a female. She got old enough for me to see that she is definitely female. So my main question is if you thought your Beardie was one gender and named it for that, would you change their name upon finding out it was the opposite gender? Would it matter to you? It doesn't necessarily matter to me, but whenever I say Chester I always start calling her a 'he'.


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It really depends on the situation for me. If the name really fit the dragon, I would probably keep it. If it wasn't too fitting or only had the name a short while, I would try to come up with something different but wouldn't stress if nothing came to mind.


My son always thought Gonzo was a boy. Even thought we didn't know the sex he still said he just seems to me its a boy. We just always said "he". It took him a while to pick out a name then one day he woke up and said his name is Gonzo. It fit him because he acted crazy a lot. When we put the tube in for feeding the crickets Gonzo would literally jump and lunge out of his bonsai tree to grab the tube. Recently we posted pictures and many state he looked like a she and out of habit I still say he. While talking to my son this morning I said she and he said why did you just do that. I said we have to get used to knowing Gonzo is a girl and he said it sounds weird after all this time and to still say he even though Gonzo is possibly a girl. The name wont change because Gonzo wasn't named according to sex but just because the name fit him/her.

Who says Chester cant be a female name? :D


Funny. I think my two youngest are actually female, but we already named them Vincent and Julius (after the characters in the movie Twins). We tried Vicky and Julia, but....it's just not the same. Lol
My bearded dragon Zebedee is actually a girl (we found out after we named her) i was told it was a male so i though Zebedee it'll fit, we haven't actually changed her name she's just called Zebby - that's what she responds to and seems happy with it. my boyfriend has resorted to calling her Zebbysaurus though...


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I'm one of the odd ones that never names my animals. I do code them for breeding and to simplify my breeding documentation.
Right now I have beaded lizard eggs in my incubator from BB (male) and NR (female). Babies will be coded as BBNR and the order and date of pipping. For example if babies started hatching today the first egg to pip would be coded as BBNR01102916
BB stands for "big beaded", NR stands for "no rings". The female is missing a lot of a banding pattern on her tail, thus the code of NR.


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When my son bought Lizzy they said she was a girl, and he called her Lizzy, lizard lol. We are pretty sure he is a he now and I'm trying to call him a he, and Izzy but I really can't get get over thinking of him as Lizzy. :)


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My new little guy is named Kirk even though we don't know the gender. And I don't really care what it ends up being, it's a Kirk. :lol:


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I came across the same issue with my Dragon. However I kept his Name as Saphira and still out of habit it refer to him as She. The way I look at is like this... THEY really don't care. But we do. So the choice is up to you.


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Minimum3":2kw6vocy said:
I came across the same issue with my Dragon. However I kept his Name as Saphira and still out of habit it refer to him as She. The way I look at is like this... THEY really don't care. But we do. So the choice is up to you.

Is Saphira a reference to the Eragon series? I wanted to name my dragon Saphira, but I thought it was male... Turns out she's a female after all lol.

I personally found out a few days ago that Skipper is a female. I figured the name still works.


I never cared that much about gender tbh. I pick a name that fits and it's "his" name and he seemed like a he so that's what he is. It doesn't really matter all that much. Pretty sure he doesn't give two shakes of his tail as long as I feed him and love him. :)


My fiance keeps telling me that Bourbon is a boy lizard's name... Nay! Nay, I say! Bourbon is a delicious drink shared by male and female herpos alike! So the name stays.
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