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Worried about dehydration


I’ve had my bearded dragon for close to a month now, and I have only seen him drink from his water bowl one time. I’ve been concerned he isn’t getting enough water. I have tried using a dropper to drip water onto his nose but he just closes his eyes every time. I try to give him baths a few times a week in hopes that he will drink the water he is in, but he never wants to stay in the tub longer than a few minutes and he does not drink the water. I feed him greens and veggies daily that are always wet when he eats them, but I still notice signs that he isn’t getting enough water (double saliva lines in mouth, skin appears wrinkly). Any tricks on how to make sure he is getting enough?


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
Hi there,

Saliva in the mouth and wrinkly skin is not a sign of dehydration.

If you dragon is eating his salad daily, he is getting plenty of hydration. They aren't dumb creatures, when they are thirsty they will drink water if it's presented to them. The fact that he isn't drinking should be slightly reassuring.

The only real way to gauge hydration levels at home is through the urate. If your dragons urate isn't hard and chalky and off colored, then your dragon isn't dehydrated.

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