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Hey, I just got "tuffy" a couple of days ago.... He was eating fine when I got him but now he wont eat any crickets, maggets waxworms.... Nothing? I am using a 15w repti glo 8.0 and a separate light for basking and a rock underneath the basking light. He has a hamick underneath the UVB light.... What am I doing wrong?

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First off, is your reptiglo 8 a coil or a long tube? Also, what are your temps and what do you take them with? The answers to these questions will help us to see what, if anything, is wrong. The coil/compact uvb bulbs have been shown to cause a lack of appetite because of eye problems, the correct term I can't spell.


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My temp on the basking side is about 90 degrees, I am measuring with a digital thermometer. The other side is about 70. The uvb light is a tube....
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