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Winnie is most likely going to find a new home soon. It was never my intention to keep her and while she’s a very sweet and snuggly, I haven’t really connected with her. Her new Hooman will be a boy with A form of Autism. His dad assures me that Winnie will be well cared for and I believe him wholeheartedly. The boy calls them “yellow spotted lizards” from “Holes.” Phira has taken to being much more aggressive with her around. Hints the lack of stories. He can’t see her but he can smell her. He recently received a much much larger house. 3 feet long 4 feet across 2 feet high. Along Phira’s old place, which Winnie now occupies, I also don’t have much room. I was also hoping that she’d be a new dragon with new adventures but she’s lazy. I’m gonna miss kissing her fat head though. That’s about the only form of affection (minus chest snuggles) she enjoys. The Vet also gave her a clean bill of health and she’s slowly losing weight. I’m not sure if I’m gonna miss her or not. Maybe a small part. She makes me giggle with the stink eyes. Anyways. Those are the Dragon updates. Nothing really “funny” has happened. Long live our Dragons!

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All dragon updates are important, not just the funny ones. It was helpful that you shared your lack of bonding with Winnie. I felt like an awful person when I failed to bond with one of mine, and it was good to know I was not the only one with those feelings.


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She did go to her new home today. I know it’s going to be best for me and Phira. It’ll be a couple of days before he returns to normal. I’m going to miss the head bobbing and displaying of his masculinity. I am also going to miss her. I can already tell.


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The nice part is that a new family will get to feel the love of a dragon. Her passive temperament sounds like she will be a good fit for her new family.

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