Will you help make us a FINALIST?


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As you can tell from the pic below we have made it to the TOP 5. My husband kinds of think we should give up because they Top 2 in the group have “disabilities”. The cat in #1 spot is diabetic and the horse in the #2 spot is missing both eyes. So he feels those 2 will get all the votes. I’m so appreciative for everyone that took the time to vote whether it was once or daily. Now is definitely the time I need you guys so please go vote for Rango. Voting for Group Finalists ends September 29th at 7PM PDT. The 27-29 is also the time to cash in all those paid votes that everyone was willing to contribute earlier but I had decided to hold off on. I think we can do this. Everyone celebrates other animals. Well now it’s time to CELEBRATE and bring attention to TEAM BEARDED DRAGONS. Again thank you to everyone one who took the time to vote.


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We should all be in it to win it, rango is representing us all, i have a diabetic ferret so big deal on the cat, and a horse isn't a pet it's livestock(not saying a horse don't deserve love, but it's still not a pet). RANGO FOR THE WIN!!!

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