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Will Adenovirus stay on the stuff of old enclosure?

Hello, I am trying to find right information to prevent of future spread with adenovirus for new bearded dragon. I have moved my bearded dragon that has an adenovirus to a new and bigger enclosure. I want to buy another bearded dragon. But I need to know if it is safe to bring new bearded dragon in old enclosure that was used by adenovirus bearded dragon? I want to be sure that I am doing everything right for the first for the new bearded dragon and to not get an adenovirus from the old enclosure with all stuff that is still in the enclosure. Please do let me know of it is safe or not. And what should I do? My goal is to not spread adenovirus to other bearded dragon. Thanks.


BD.org Sicko
Hi there, it's best to either boil or bake the decor, large rocks can be washed in very hoot water with soap + vinegar or an F-10 cleaner. The tank has to be cleaned with F-10 cleaner bleach water + soap, then rinsed well. BTW you can post all your Q's below in the sub forums like " health " " E.R. ", etc.


New member
Don’t use bleach, it’s useless for sanitizing/disinfecting. You’ll have to use ammonia mixed with water and let it sit for about 45 minutes or f-10 or use a steam cleaner. If you use ammonia make sure you flush it out well
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