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I realize that this isn't strictly beardie related, but I wanted to get the word out there since they sell bearded dragons as well as other herps...

I went to the Petsmart in Vestal, NY today to buy a green anole as a tank companion for my current green anole. When I went to the store, they had a variety of anoles, with at least 10 different lizards, squished into a small 5 gallon tank. I picked out a small green anole that looked about the size of my own. The woman who was helping me had NO experience in getting these creatures out of the tanks and broke the tail of the anole as she was taking it out. The poor thing ended up with a cracked tail that was still hanging on to it's body by a thread. It was bleeding all over the paper towel in the carrier she had given me. I then noticed that above where the tail had broken was a circular white mark that looked like a fungal infection. I told this to the woman and she called over her manager, who, upon finding out that I wasn't about to buy a sick lizard, told the woman to put it back in the tank with all of the others. THAT IS NOT OKAY. It is NEVER okay to put a sick animal back into an enclosure with other animals, particularly not such a small enclosure with multiple types of anoles that were fighting with one another over crickets. Needless to say Petsmart will no longer be getting my business and I will be calling the head manager of the store tomorrow.

I'm incredibly upset about this situation. If I had the means to take care of it, I would have taken it in and attempted to nurse it back to health. It seemed very out of energy as soon as she got it into the container and did not look well in the least. I'm furious that this kind of behavior is tolerable in their stores and among their employees. PLEASE never get any of your pets from Petsmart!!!!!


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Not all petsmarts are bad, though as a concept I don't care for livestock at pet stores, but agree with you 100%. We should not be supporting any stores with poor care of their livestock. For the same reason, I can't agree with the concept of "rescuing" sick animals from pet stores by paying any amount of money. The store doesn't put "rescue" on the receipt they put sale. It gives them money and incentive to do the same thing to other animals.


I very rarely go to the PetSmart that I bought Gorbash I from now, not even for dog toys. I was in there the other day just for something to do and they had a bunch of tiny beardies who couldn't have been more than a week old including a "fancy" that looked like it wasn't even breathing (I ended up calling a staff member to check!)

Between that store and craigslist, if I had the time, knowledge and money I'd probably have half a dozen reptiles by now!
I'm not a huge fan of Petsmart, but mine is very good. The lady that helped me has her own little collection of reptiles, so she was very knowledgeable. But I'd still recommend a reptile show over petsmart, no doubt


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It all depends on the PetSmart really. Most of them DO care about their animals, but sadly there are those that make other stores look bad by taking poor care of their animals. My thought process is, if no one buys from these stores than that is wrongfully punishing the animals that are there and that's just not right. They need loving homes just as much as if they came from a professional breeder. This isn't completely directed at you, OP as I understand completely why you're upset, but I see so many people bash large pet stores and it kind of irks me.

As for that particular Petsmart, I would most certainly file some sort of complaint. They even have a policy where if they think a pet is sick or contagious they HAVE to quarantine it and take it to a vet within 24 hours. They even have a room in the back for that sort of thing. Ugh, I really hope that dumb manager gets fired. Sadly, I can't really blame the employee as he/she may have been new, but that's still something they should (I would think) be trained to do considering they need to know how to properly handle/pick up the animals without harming them.
Yeah, I mean, would you let a newbie go around selling things in an antique store? No!! And its the exact same except with sentient beings here!! But this is only targeted at those terrible petsmarts
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