Why does he keep eating my hair?

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I've had Draco for about 3-4 months, and he started to eat little pieces of my hair when he was about 1 month old. It's been a while since he's done this, but he started back up again. Is there a reason why he might be doing this? ( it's only when he's like sitting on my chest and see my hair and then he bites and starts eating it.) Is this ok for him to do? I eventually stop him but by then he's already got some eaten... worried....Help!


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I do try to keep my hair pulled back, but to stay warm, he goes to the nape of my neck with his head and tucks his body under the collar of my shirt lol and he grabs my hair that way and I'm too afraid to keep him away from my neck because that the warmest part of me (I'm a pretty cold person, almost always at like 96.7 degrees rather than 98.7 and it does impact my body temperature quite a bit.) What can I do??


Mine doesn't eat my hair, but does try. When he sees my hair swinging around (especially if it's in a ponytail) he acts just the same as when he sees me serving his food. I was thinking that it might look like worms to them


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He probably likes to taste of the hairspray or what ever else you use on your hair.

Hair is indigestible and can cause impaction if there is enough of accumulated as a ball in his guts.

We had a girl in our street who was eating her own hair and wound up in hospital for keyhole gastic surgery to remove the impaction it formed. Yes she essentially formed her own fur-ball.
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