Why does he do this? :/

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My bearded dragon always always for a long time sits at the glass and stares outside of it. He usually just quietly watches but more rarely than not, he is super active and goes back and forth along the glass.
He did that just now and I just got him out and he’s sitting on my armrest quietly and he’s just fine.

Does he just want to come out?


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That's common behavior. It is usually curiosity and does indicate that he wants to get out and explore a bit.


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Charlie loves to sit in his hammock and stare out at the windows -- he can see the trees across the street. Most of the time he's content with that. The other day we were rearranging the section of the library he's in and I noticed him glass surfing, almost frantic about it. I let him out and he wandered for a bit before pooping, then wandered for awhile before giving me the signal he was ready to be done. (it's hard to explain but it's a subtle lifting of one side of his body when I offer my fingers for him to smell/taste.)

I guess curiosity at all of the changes got the better of him.


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CooperDragon":wh8vw9ln said:
That's common behavior. It is usually curiosity and does indicate that he wants to get out and explore a bit.

revisiting this in March and the behavior continues- I guess he is very desperate to explore. I don't take him out because I get worried he will get hurt, jump off things, crawl under things, get stuck, etc.


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Hiccup he is 5 and Blaze is 4
Set him in the LR on a couch or back of a chair and let him look out the LR window -- they love to do that -- I let mine run on the LR floor providing there are no cats or dogs around -- they do like to explore or actually just run
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