whos youre favorite breeder?

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I'd still look into Rio's, she said she'd have more babies up next week, and Cheryl has amazing dragons! Not to discourage you from other breeders, just sharing my expirence :)


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And ty for the link agilitygirl:) they do have some pretty onez azwell:)


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Between working full time , TNDDragons, and shows I freely admit my site gets neglected.
I am almost never on here anymore either, but im working on that.

I just want to state for the record that I NEVER pick someones dragon unless asked to.
We also got off to a late start this year due to personal reason, but things will be getting better in the next few months and you will be seeing ALOT more variety of poopers coming to the site.


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Great to hear! Hopefully they will be posted up before i Make a purchase lol. im really waiting on warm wearther since me house doesnt have heating and air yet...


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All the beardies ive seen on their fb look great, its just being able to get ahold of one is the issue lol. Im sure theyve been busy with all the babies to keep up on the website though... with my luck they will be sold out by the time i can get one
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