Who all has Leopard Geckos? *Stella Pics!! 10/17*

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Yup, I've been holding her for a few minutes every night, and she seems to be getting used to it! She will crawl into my hand when I put it in front of her. :D I just weighed her to, and she is a tiny 22 grams! (IDK what a 4 month old leo is supposed to be, but it seems itty bitty compared to a beardie!)


congrats on the new girl. i had 2 but had to rehome them when i got my second beardy.

just a word of advice, girls can fight/attack each other too unless you plan on giving them a big tank with identical hides and stuff, and even then there's always a slight risk but not as much.


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Yeah, I decided I would just stick to one. If I ever wanted a second I would want a male, so they couldn't be in the same cage anyways.


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Actually 22 grams is a pretty good size for that age..., I have one female who laid an egg when I first got her and she was only 33 grams shes 47 now. I have 3 females, I got females with the intention to house them together but the one that I got first decided she didn't like the other girls. So my leo I got first lives alone and the ones I got later live together. I got them the same day and they have lived together ever since. The two that live together are the small one at 47 grams and the other is half giant and weighs 82 grams. The half giant was only 9 grams when I got her. Anyway they can live together but I would highly recommend getting them and introducing at the same exact time to the environment. As far as them laying infertile eggs, all my females are mature and none have laid any eggs except the small one when I first got her and I believe they were using her as a breeder which is why she laid 1 egg. I hear males are friendlier but I believe it just depends on their personality 1 of my geckos likes to lay out in the open and the other two you never see.
And they do eat Dubia, I have dubia and they like them, but they are slow/lazy at catching them I have to place the dubia on their back for the leos to get them, which is a pain in the butt. They pretty much eat the same insects as Beardies.
They are cute they are like tiny smiling dinosaurs.


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Thanks for all the info!

So far, Stella has been pretty good, and she is a lot better about being handled now. :mrgreen: So I hope I will have a fiendly female! She will even crawl right into my hand when I put it in her viv.

She is up to 25 grams now, LOL.

And I'm happy to hear that your females havent laid eggs. Hopefully Stella won't either. And she LOVES her dubias... She will chase them clear across her viv! She will eat anything that moves so far.


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I just got a gecko. She's? two months old and very small. Guess I'm use to Draco. :roll: I was told she's? a calico leopard gecko. Brought her home tonight and already she's pooed. :D Excited about poo, go figure. Nicer then beardie poo and not aromatic thank the Lord. :lol: How many times a day do I feed her? I've got crickets but thinking about picking up some small mealies or silkworms for her. Here's a picture:

I'm just soooooooooooooooooooooo excited!! :mrgreen: :blob5: :blob8:


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Aww, she is adorable! IDK if calico is an actual morph though... She looks like a Jungle morph to me, but I'm no expert.

And I always feed Stella at night. I try to keep mealies in her dish all the time, and I just got a dish to keep her dubia in. So she always has food availabe, but she doesn't usually come out during the day. In the evenings I'll put the buggies in front of her to make sure that she is eating them though.


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Cute Leo Jess! Don't you just love how they always look like they are smiling! :mrgreen:

That's in interesting looking substrate. Is that shelf liner that looks like wood grain?

Here is a pic of Nico.


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Thanks! I know, they have the best little faces!

And it's shelf liner that has a bamboo-like pattern. I got it at Walmart LOL... I thought it looked more unique than the other colors I've used!

Nico is so cute! I think Stella will end up looking quite similar when she is older. :D


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Jess - Thanks. She is cute but then again, I'm partial. :lol: Your Stella is so sweet looking, she looks like she's smiling all the time!! I did a search on google and couldn't find anything on calico but I did see the jungle ones that look like her. I'll be in the reptile shop tomorrow getting crickets (for both) and mealies (for the gecko) so I will ask him about the morph.
Zoey - Thanks. I am just so excited about having her. She's settled in a little more now. I tried shelf liner and put a few layers of papertowel underneath but the hot side was just a little hot and she was staying on the cooler side of the tank. :oops: I went out and got reptile carpet and now she's all over the tank. :oops:

I'm thinking of getting some waxworms for her. Are these too fatty?? How many can she have?? Is there anything else I can spoil her with in the way of bugs?? :mrgreen: She only eats 4 crickets at night dusted with calcium. She devours three of them then the fourth ones like 'ok it's there so I'll eat it'. Should she be eating more?? Ohhhh I got some more pictures of her and I still haven't come up with a name. :banghead: She's in a ten gallon tank right now and she looks lost in it cause she's sooooooooo small. :roll:
Her tank is in it's humble beginnings but I am in the process of doing a home makeover for her! :mrgreen:




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