whidby island dragon is here! (ROCKY)

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Well, the kid says he's 5 years old, if that poor thing held on that long, if we can just get him outta there, I think he'll make it.


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NightmareDisco":3rkvqe9w said:
Well, the kid says he's 5 years old, if that poor thing held on that long, if we can just get him outta there, I think he'll make it.

I dont mean to be a downer, but... I think if he's taken to a vet the vet will put him down.. But I think it might be for the better.. The poor thing has suffered enough..


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with some fluids and food i think he could pull through but i would have to see him in person to be able to tell for sure..


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seriously i meen look at this

compared to a healthy bearded dragon

:angry5: :angry5: :angry5: :banghead: :banghead:


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A police officer from over there called me and he said he was looking at the picture of the beardie as we spoke, he said he was going to go over there and take a look at it and if it was as bad as it looked take it off their hands.
I told him that i worked with a small rescue group and we had a person who was willing to rehabilitate him and give him proper vet care
and that we are all experienced in bearded dragons.
He said he would call me sometime tomorrow so after I get home from hubby's dr appt and my school I will probably have an update for everyone. Thanks for the support!


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Well I did talk to Tracie so just to be realistic he may have renal failure (kidneys too far damaged) but a vet will be able to access that. But I have rescued beardies that looked almost that bad and with some subQ fluids and other supplements he maybe able to make a full recovery assuming he has no organ damage. Tastiger and whoever gets to him first take a bottle of water with you and start offering it to his mouth as soon as you see him! I am pretty sure that any animal services should be able to administer fluids on sight. I hope they don't wait any longer. Let us know!


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Thank you all so much for working to save this poor beardie! No animal deserves that treatment. I cannot believe people can be so stupid!! It just breaks my heart! I'll be looking for updates and I'm going to post this on my facebook as well. I will try to get on and donate tomorrow, I have to talk to my hubby first lol.


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I would be willing to rehabilitate as well if i wasn't working on rehabilitating one of my own, a friends and 2 kittens i almost hit with my car a week ago that are going to the vet tomarrow... keeping my fingers crossed that he can get better!!!!!


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I would be more than willing to donate, I just need to know that someone will be picking him up and taking him where ever he needs to go... either to the vet and put down or home to be rehabilitated..
Whoever set up the donation account, is there money now? How much?
I will donate now, and when I hear he is being picked up, I will donate more.

That crap, pisses me off. I went to a reptile show the other week and there were kids in there buying reptiles like they were candy and I swear they probably had no idea what they were getting into or the proper enclosure at home, it made me sad then too, because I knew that poor chameleon the kid picked out would probably be dead soon. And the people selling them apparently don't care who they go to.


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I just donated...

If 10-20 people donated between 10-20$ there would be at least enough to pay this girl if it came down to that... hopefully whoever rehabilitates him can go with the authorities and take him once they seize him?

Like I said I will give more once I hear that he is being picked up by someone here.


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Morgan, that is great that you set up a fund. I too am willing to donate money, but would also like to know the outcome first. Please let us know as soon as you hear from animal control. If for some reason they are not going to go through with this and take the beardie from the owner, do you think you will go and get the beardie? I know this would be a big undertaking for you, because the poor little guy is going to need medical help. I commend you and admire what you have done so far in trying to rescue this beardie. Hats off to you!!!! :wink:
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