whidby island dragon is here! (ROCKY)

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TASTIGER":3cgubj40 said:
well i have to say that was worse than i thought it would be not only did we miss the 1:00 ferry because it was all backed up and we had to take the 2:30. the worst part was that his parents thought rocky was perfectly fine...anyway he lost one eye and is about to lose the other because of that damn crushed walnut crap :banghead: hes so weak he cant even hold his head up but was more active once i got 2 capfulls of water into him. we are home now i bathed him and gave him some of that reptiaid and he is currently laying on his log. anyway here are some pictures



omg i think im gonna cry :( well even if he doesnt make it atleast we did all we could and he wont suffer anymore. What the hell they only fed him once a month? arghhh how do you just buy an animal and not research anything about it or take care of it


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OMG hes such a gorgeous colour underneath, why would anyone do that to him! They must have known he was ill... sorry but how long does it take to google a pic of a healthy beardie? :banghead:

Really really hope he pulls through! He needs to sample the good life he's gonna get now before giving up... come on little guy FIGHT!


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I am so glad you finally got him! When are you taking him to the vet?
It is so sad I don't even want to look at the pictures :(
That would be amazing if he recovers!
I agree with previous posters, when this is all said and done, send them the vet bills and a picture of a healthy dragon, because apparently they don't have google.


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Try feeding the reptaid 2-3x a day that's what I did when my loves weren't eating the way they should. I don't know maybe in his case I would think maybe there's something else youneed to be doing. Hopefully Tracie stops by this post and can give us some answers! I'm praying for the little man...and my gosh his spine is curved so bad...you should probably look on tracie's website I believe it's http://bug-de-lite.com/ go there and she has some good liquid calcium which would be great for him since he cant eat solids just yet. I have to go to church ill be back to check up on u guys later! *hugs**


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Hi Morgan!

Sorry you had to go through so much trouble yesterday to pick up this little guy, but I am so happy you finally have him with you. :D :D :D
The pics are definitely heart breaking. :( Poor little guy.
Yes, as Jessica said.... you can give him the Repti-Aid 2-3 x a day(Tracie will be able to confirm how often). Just don't give him any extra supplements while using the CC. We don't want to overload him with calcium or multivits.
Were you able to get some babyfood to mix with the Critical care?
When will you be able to get him to the vet?
I am so proud of you for taking on this job. This poor beardie's body has been through so much, it is going to take a while to get him to a healthier state. I am wondering if you should have bloodwork done on him at the vet. Just to check for any organ failure. This can be costly, but I am hoping now that you have him more members will start donating.
I am going to shoot Tracie a pm. I think we are going to need her assistance with this little guy. She will be able to tell you what more needs to be done with him.
Again... Thank You for saving him! Him being with you was definitely meant to be. :D


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You have so much more restraint than I do. I would have been very verbal when I had gone to pick him him. This is ridiculous!!!!!

Poor guy. So glad you have him now, for however long he makes it.

Praying for you and Rocky.


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TASTIGER":461cvg21 said:
yes i had to pay the full 100 because they said he was perfectly healthy

but yet they said he lost his eye due to infection... i probably would have argued that point..., but i tend to be a fighter...


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i have a vet appointment for tomarrow and i am deffinantly going to get blood work done. i havent been able to mix any baby food in it ill try that today i just dont want to overwhelm him


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I do understand not wanting to overwhelm him with too much food right now. How is he eating for you? Does he seem to have an appetite?
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