Which Water Polymer Crystals?

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Hi All,

I just got a new beardie last Friday (from Cheryl at BeardedDragons.co) and learned very quickly that buying crickets locally was not sustainable. I have decided to start a dubia colony and while researching water crystals, I keep finding all different brands / sellers and the prices vary greatly.

My question is, are there any specific water crystals to avoid that could cause problems or are they all for the most part the same thing?

Here are some I have found so far:

From Amazon
$10 for 1 lb after shipping - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...iveASIN=B0051V22VS&linkCode=as2&tag=a1b2c3-20

From WaterSorb
$20 for 2 lbs - http://www.water-sorb.com/store.php?crn=206

Artistic Shop - $18 / 1 lb after shipping http://www.theartisticshop.com/water polymer crystals.htm

Also at Home Depot as Miracle Gro Water Storing Crystals for <$8 for .75 lbs. I can get these locally. Same thing?

Etc...Any recommendations?


I use the homedepot ones and I ordered some from the bean farm when I got my flex watt heat tape. They were 12 bucks for a pound


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Thanks for the replies. I did end up buying the MG kind from Home Depot today. What ratios of pellets to water do you all use? I used a 32 oz Gatorade bottle and 0.25 oz of crystals. It's now a bunch of gel, but I'm not sure of the consistency yet.


I do four table spoons to one gallon of water and just store it in the refrigerator. Just make sure it's more of a gel then a soup moist to the touch. I also change my gel ever two three days even if it still looks "good" becuase I worry about mold growing on it
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