Where'd you get your beardies name?

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I'm just curious! It took me forever to name my second one!
Dave's name came about because i already had a beardie named Darwin and almost all my animals are named after people's names (and i wanted to stick with "D" for my dragons) so I named him Dave.
Then I broke the tradition with Yoshi. haha. She just looked like a Yoshi and I love anything Mario so it just stuck. At first i wasnt so sure cause i was like "well yoshi is a boy!" Then my boyfriend brought to my attention that Yoshi laid eggs in the game...haha. so..she's a girl.

ANYWAYS, what's your beardies names and where did you get it from?


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My beardie is named Tank. When the breeder described him, he said he was "an absolute tank". Largest of the clutch so the name Tank just seemed right to me. I love names and naming things. I think one of the funnest things about getting a new pet is naming them. I have a snake name Reggie and one named Zipper too.


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Firstly, Abu.
I watched a documentary once about a 'lion man'. He had the most beautiful siberian tiger called Abu... unfortunately she was sick and died at the end of the documentary. I cried and told my boyfriend that the first pet we got together would be called Abu. So, no, shes not named after the monkey in Aladdin!!! lol!! She is now much more affectionately known as 'madame' or 'Princess Abu'.

Kazi is a nutter!!! He was injured, with a swollen, black foot when I got him, but that never stopped his crazy attitude. From the minute I got him home, he was a mad man. I would find him suspended from the light fittings, hanging from the wire mesh top of the viv (and jumping from it) and swinging from trees in his viv. Kazi is short for Kamikaze - hes a daredevil and all his little scars etc just seem to add to his crazy, kamikaze personality!!! I often, affectionately refer to him as 'the Kazi-monster'.


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After first getting my bd, I really had no idea what to name "it", I say "it" because since i had her from such a young age it was impossible to tell what the sex was and didnt want to name it one gender specific name and having "it" turn out to be the other. So I waited. Enjoying time out of the tank I usually brought "it" to Petsmart with me just letting her hang out or roam around my neck and shoulders. This cute girl came up and said how much she loved BD's and actually began talking to my BD...mind u it was about 4-5 inches including the tail and probably had very little idea of what anything was. But she did the usual that people do when talking to pets " Your so adorable, Oh yes you are..ect" (Hey I said she was "cute", not intelligent...) Then the shocker was this person actually asked the dragon what its name was instead of asking me! My bd looked up at me sort of with a "Is she for real :| ?" expression, closed an eye and licked at the air. I guess when neither of us responded, she decided to ask again. Yet again, Closed an eye, and licked at the air. Then it came to me... Lyx (Pronounced "Licks") I liked it, the moronic cute girl liked it, so it stuck ever since...


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I got Malibu's off a tee shirt.
I used to have a cat named "toot" my neighbors thought i was crazy i would holler from the back porch TOOT,TOOT then my cat would come running! :D


Optimus was named after Optimus Prime, the Transformer. (I'm a giant nerd.)

Brodie is named for Brody Dalle from The Distillers.

I'm not really too creative when it comes to names, but I do like something different.


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Bruschi is my lil guy's name...No its not what you think :wink: ...Im a huge pats fan and also a teddy bruschi fan
teddy was considered a runt for a linebacker and my lil guy is the runt of the litter from annapolis dragons...so it just fit...and yes i do like the other bruschis also :mrgreen: ....P.S. i am over 21 :lol:


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We finally decided on Blaze for our baby beardie. We are huge ICP fans, and we also have a Savannah Monitor named Esham. The fiance picked Esham, and I came up with Blaze to keep within the theme. We also have 2 cats, one named Loki after the mythical god of mischief (also saw someone on this board who has a pair of BDs named Bartlebee & Loki which rocks) and Lexus (Lexi) our barn cat turned City cat... Lexi has never gone outside, other than in a carrier, and she doesn't want to go outside. We recently adopted a Red Tail Boa, named Mitch. We're changing that..


We named our beardie Sly, cuz he would tilt his head at ya and sorta look at ya sideways like he was up too no good lol


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We named ours Skwisgaar, after the guitarist from the animated show "Metalocalypse". He just seemed like a Skwisgaar...




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Well i have two Sunbursts and they got there names from Greek Mythology. Maybe not original but i love their names, Helios and Hera.

"Helios was imagined as a handsome god crowned with the shining aureole of the sun, who drove the chariot of the sun across the sky each day to earth-circling Oceanus and through the world-ocean returned to the East at night." His name pretty much stuck with this cause he was a sunburst and is really orange right around his face and front legs.

Hera is the Goddess of marriage, women and childbirth and was also Zeus' wife. We got Hera a few months after Helios because he wont eat and didnt like to be touched and it was suggested to us to get another dragon and we decided on a female because we already had her name. Myabe one day she will have some babies :)

My favourite name is Booger, he is a kitty though. When we got him he was soo soo sick and after about a week he couildnt even move so we rushed him to the vets where we were told he had kitty herpes.. i know funny hhaha. Cat herpes isnt like people herpes lol but in their insides and passed down from their parents. He is absolutley adorable and the same day we found out about his herpes my mom picked him up to give him his medicine and well he "boogerd" all over her :laughhard:


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aerodan":d9b3a said:
We named ours Skwisgaar, after the guitarist from the animated show "Metalocalypse". He just seemed like a Skwisgaar...



haha oh man that show cracks me up!
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