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So right now I have two bearded dragons a male and a female I'm going to breed them my female is a gray sandstone. My mail is a hypo yellow citrus he he also has the genetics for a couple of other I don't remember off the top of my head I'd have to get the paper but anyways onto my question. I plan on becoming a breeder and selling them off and giving some away as well later on in the future spreading the beardy love. But I'm having a hard time finding what looks to be a reliable breeder for red citrus dragons I would like to get a female it wouldn't be for something right now before I get more dragons I want to get my first couple of clutches under my belt before expanding. I've also been looking around for a male paradox or one of the white dragons which are easy enough to find in my area but I am unable to right now find anybody who has proper reds because I'm after one that is a bright red more of a crimson color. If you have any breeders that you would recommend that ship across country or are in the Pittsburgh region could you let me know just post a reply or if you have any recommendations for different dragons thank you I appreciate everybody on this site.


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Thanks I wasn't expecting to find one that I would like right off the bat and they are relatively close. And they have beautiful animals.


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Once in a while the eggs at Kids And Dragons will spit out a red beardie. The dragons get purchased EXTREMELY quickly, though, so you have to be lucky to find one. ? (50% of them should carry a red allele because they are produced by Citrus and red parents.)
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