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Hello! I have a little guy who is 5-7 months old, I’m working on getting him out of he’s 40 gal to a 75 gal (and yes I know he is going to need bigger then that as an adult). But in the mean time I’m trying to find hides hammocks basking spots ect. For this bigger tank. (I know I waited a little to long to upgrade but I get hit with some unexpected financial problems) I was hoping you guys could tell me where to buy/make? Stuff for his cage. All these big stores like petsmart and petco I feel severely overprice their products! Thank you!


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I agree, overpriced. That's why the local rivers/mountains/beaches have always been my go to for decor :)



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I haven't looked at their online prices but L.L.L. Reptile have rolled their prices back a lot here locally. I got one of the huge seagrass bridges last week for either 8 or 12 buck (memory is the first thing to go .... lol) anyways those used to be 30 to 40 bucks.
If you go Claudiusx's route and use natural stuff (my preferred way also) just be sure to sanitize it.

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