where to buy dubia roaches?

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Hi all, so i made the mistake of giving my beardie wax worms and now it won't eat crickets....
looking for somewhere to buy dubia roaches as i heard they are a great staple for bearded dragons.

I am having the damndest time finding a place that sells dubias, besides online retailers

(shiping is an issue i work Thurday afternoon thru till Monday morning, and can get home to feed him but can't wait at the house all day for the mail man.)

I live in Prescott Az (can drive to Phoenix) if by the off chance anyone knows of someplace to buy them here.

(i've also got some green beans butternut sqash and mango that i've been giving him/her once a week finely chopped, got my beardie to eat a piece of mango i put infront of it but it ignores its plate.)

any help tips would be greatly appreciated


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Thanks, I thought to look on Craigslist and found a few people selling but am really wary of buying my pets food from someone I know nothing about....

I'll check that place out thanks again


www.dubideli.com is doing some major specials right now. They only last a 2-3 days and are sort of random but the one I just ordered was 1000 1/4 inch dubia and 100 1inch dubia for $25. $7 bucks to ship no matter what else you add to the order. This was my second order from them. They have other specials too. (I had mine sent to work.)
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