Where do you order from? And more!

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First of all, my number one question is where do you order your feeders from? If you order them at all, that is. I know some people breed their own feed or buy locally. I'm just looking for the best quality and pricing. Everywhere seems relatively equal to me.

Second of all:

I'm going crazy. These crickets are seriously driving me insane. I can't stand it. First of all, I'm absolutely terrified of spring loaded insects, and have been for as long as I can remember. I got past it for the sake of my dragons though. Sort of. But I can't do it anymore, and it's not even my super irrational fear of crickets that's the problem. It's my dog. It's the chirping. It's the barking caused by the chirping. All. Night. Long.

So please. Is there something else that I can make their staple food? Preferably a worm of some sort? Or just something quiet?
Where do you order it from?
How many should I feed them?
Any special treatment (certain diet, decapitation, etc) necessary?


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Does anyone ever order from Mulberryfarms.com? I'm thinking of placing an order today for superworms, phoenix worms, and waxworms.


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I haven't had to order feeders yet but It seems like a lot of people order from Mulberryfarms.com. There are a few other thread where people talk more about where they order from to...

As for a good staple I had the same question and it seems like the answer is pretty much that variety is good but crickets and roaches are the most popular. Dragons over 16" can have superworms but some people don't use them because they may/may not be to fattening. Wax worms aren't very good because they can be hard to digest and cause impaction and the repti and phoenix worms are also great but they can be expensive, they're pretty small and sometimes they don't get fully digested but I don't believe they cause a threat of impaction as long as they are the appropriate size.


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lastplaneteer":1c4up8td said:
Does anyone ever order from Mulberryfarms.com? I'm thinking of placing an order today for superworms, phoenix worms, and waxworms.

Evergreen is "mostly" right with one exception: the one that's slightly wrong is that wax worms will NOT cause impaction, they are a soft worm with no type if chitin(hard shell). They are not a good staple because they are high in fat. They are more considered a "snack" feeder for a treat once in a while, sort of like a beardie candy bar :wink:

also note that you don't have to calcium dust calci/repti/pheonix worms(they are all black soldier fly worms), the are naturally high in calcium.

hope this helps,


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Woops, that was definatly a typo. Meant to say meal worms, waxies are the squishy little worms I learned to fish with. Pretty sure you couldnt get a meal worm on a fishing hook!


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Guys i have some questions about Mullberry farms- I tried to put in an Order to them and the only shipping options that came up were Fed Ex starting at two day shipping for 34$. That's more then my whole order...are they serious? I really don't need them that fast, it's cold here they'll hybernate, and why the heck would I pay more then twice the cost of my actual order just to get it shipped to me?


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thats just how it goes unfortunately, most places go with fedex which tends to make it more expensive because of
the shipping costs.


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Randy, Mulberry just recently started doing that because of the cold. Normally they have an option to ship USPS for around 10 bucks. I stocked up on superworms before it started getting so cold because I was afraid that places might stop using USPS for the winter. It is extremely high!


I use Reptiworms or Phoenix worms.
I like them because I can keep a 1000 or more on hand. We keep them in a cooler with a ice block that I change every day. Plus I just drop them in a bowl and Freddie eats as he wants.

Reptiworms have a coupon code for 20% OFF ,
IT IS FACEBOOK20 as well as some others I cant remember
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