where can I buy a high quality beardie

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Where can I order a juvie/baby beardie with really good genes? I see a lot of people with exotic looking beardies and I'd like to get one too. Preferably a red one. If someone could point me in the right direction that'd be awesome!


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Personally, I'd suggest waiting before getting a new dragon, especially another baby.
Kratos is young and you're still at the beginning of learning Beardie care. It's a lot more work to care for two dragons, especially babies. They eat lots more and cost more because of that, two expensive set ups, plus you have to keep an eye out for health problems. Some problems, like bacteria, parasites, and fungus, are contagious, and are an even bigger risk to babies.

I can definitely understand wanting another dragon, and having two is wonderful!! But it's a lot more time, effort, and money, too.

This is only my opinion, but I would wait at least a few month and keep researching and focussing on the one you have for now.
It'll also give you time to look at different breeders, morphs, and such, as well as enjoy Kratos' little days (cuz those are gone in the blink of an eye!)

Best of luck no matter what you choose to do!


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Thanks DragonKeepers! I am definitely going to use that website in the future. Those are some beauties! Bluemorpho, yes I agree with you completely, that would get very pricey. I wont get another one until Kratos is fully grown, then I'll use his old viv for a new baby. I just wanted to ask in advanced since they grow so quickly, and I like browsing exotic Beardies =]


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Tell me about it. I have a full complement of dragons currently, but I do love to have a good browse - I don't need to buy to enjoy lookin'. :D
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