When to separate?

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Hello guys, new beardie owner and first post on here.
I have read a tonne and gained a lot of valuable information on this site, so I appreciate that! Just have a few questions.
I recently purchased 2 bearded dragons at a 'reputable' reptile store (I was planning on getting just the one, but as an in-experienced owner I didn't know at the time they were very solitary animals, and the person selling them to me didn't advise me otherwise; how hindsight is lovely.)
However i'm in this situation now and want to take the best care I can of them.
They were 12 weeks old when I purchased, and both have been raised together since hatching's both currently around 19 weeks.
I'm just wondering when is the best time to separate, both have shown signs of dominance; laying on top of one another, and various arm waving.
They are feeding fine, new salad in the morning which they eat through-out the day, then fed crickets/dubia three times a day in a large tupperware container. A dish of calcium-worms also as a buffer in their vivarium. During these times I haven't seen any aggression or dominance (But I have read that It can take place with just a look)
So my question basically is when should I separate? I don't want to come home one day and something horrible has happened.
I do have another vivarium, which I was currently building as custom which will take time.
But if i'm playing with fire I will have to rip it out and separate them if that's the best thing to do.
Any opinions would help, thanks!
Also a picture of them :)


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If you are seeing evidence of dominant behavior, yesterday would have been a great time to separate them!
Do not feed them together.
Do not let them out together.
Do not put them in view of each other.

These things will keep them stress free and, in turn make them much happier over all.


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If the viv is nearly ready I would use some sort of temporary divider - lengthways so they still have a hot and cool end to use.

The sooner they are seperated the better. Its great that you have identified the dominance behaviour and are taking action. :)


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Thanks for the replies. My friend is going to bring over a spare glass vivarium tomorrow, and ill get another thermostat and UVB bulb on the weekend.
Last thing I want is for one or both of them to get hurt.
Their behaviour is quite dubious to be honest, at night they sleep nearly touching heads and seem quite happy, but I guess a lot of owners could fall into that trap of thinking they will be friends forever. Some do, but i'm positive mine are both males, which will never work out.


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Never too soon to separate them, but it can be too late if things are starting to get physical or even if one is failing to thrive while the other is thriving.
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