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When posting a thread, you have a couple options depending on which part of the forum you are wishing to post in. You can either post a "Discussion" thread, which is the default choice, or you can post a "Question" thread.
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With a question thread, you give yourself and posters a few extra options that a normal discussion thread does not have, namely the option to vote for what is essentially the best answer. Once the best answer has been decided, it gets moved to the top of the thread, directly underneath the original post, with formating that shows the post as the proper answer. The benefit to this is that when ever anyone else comes to this website and has a similar question and finds your thread, they do not need to wade through dozens of responses in a thread, and can see the answer directly under the question.


Once the answer has been decided, the thread will look like this:


Discussion can still be had on these "question" threads, but it's a nice feature of the new forum software that hopefully more people will start to take advantage of.

Examples of good candidates for question threads:

  • How often should I dust my beardies food?
  • How often should I replace my UVB bulb?
  • Do I need to give my dragon baths?
  • How many insects should my adult eat a day?
These are obviously all just simple examples, and there can still be plenty of discussion on all of those topics, but if you feel like you only need an answer to a question and not continuing advice (such as a dragon going through medication treatments, or suffering some other ailment) feel free to try out the "Question" option we have :)

And remember, it's even more useful when everyone votes up what they believe to be the best answer. Whether or not you are a regular poster on this site, or someone who like to just lurk in the shadows, voting up good answers is a great way to help the community!

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