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What wrong with his scales?


New member

We got him today and I started noticing stuck shed and I think some pulled nails? But I have no clue what this is on his belly. Any way I can help him?

The scales look like they are under stuck shed and caved in on themselves. It’s like the scales are holes now. Kinda like honeycomb


BD.org Sicko
Staff member

It looks like essentially old or dry scales that will eventually shed off. You can give a few
warm baths to see if that helps out the scales. They may be retained perhaps, which is a
common occurrence. If the scales are a little dry, you could put some coconut oil on the
scales to moisturize them a little bit.
Are his nails curved, or did he lose a couple of nails?



BD.org Sicko
His nails are fine, they can become a little crooked or even get totally dislodged sometimes from their jumping around.
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