What will my beardie look like when he gets older?

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Hello. My Beardie is around 5 months old. What do you think he will look like with age?



BD.org Sicko
Hi there, he's a nice looking leatherback. :) Chances are he'll look pretty much the same....his color may increase or decrease a bit, but I don't think there will be much change.


BD.org Sicko
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Only way to accurately 'guess' is to look at what both parents look like.

Otherwise you are going to need to find a crystal ball :mrgreen:



BD.org Sicko
Post a pic in about 5-6 months, my guess is he'll look very similar. Do you know where the parents are ? As far as looking like the parents, it's true in some cases but if a very light colored or a tan colored dragon is bred to a high orange/red you can have dragons that look like this and also one's that will have high color, others not so much. If the parents look very similar to each other, then it's much more likely that the babies will look more like copies. Other than that,there can be a lot of variety in a clutch.


BD.org Sicko
Yes, he looks nice + healthy. Is he about 13" inches ? They can vary in size as they're growing so at 5 months they may be a little smaller or larger .
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