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What will impaction feel like for a beardie?

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Hello all,

I recently posted about an antibiotic recommendation in the beardie er section. My beardie who I believe is 9 to 10 mos. has been lethargic, eating less, and pooping less. The vet recommended antibiotic shots for suspected infection, emeraid carnivore via syringe, and gradual introduction of veggies and insects. She had one shot initially at the vet but no more doses since because we wanted to try natural laxatives first and avoid the trauma of giving her shots.

Donnie went to the bathroom two days in a row 3 days after the vet visit. It has now been 9 days and Donnie has not pooped since. I have been feeding the emeraid, baby food veggies, kale, sliced green beans, and the past two days fed baby food squash mixed with olive oil. 20 minute soaks daily. Still. No. Poo.

I worry about her getting an infection. It can't feel good to be backed up- wondering where to feel on the belly for impaction? I feel material in tubular shapes along each side of her body but no major lumps. Is it possible for beardies to poop if they are impacted? Or if they poop does that mean you're in the clear?

I am afraid that I did the wrong thing not giving the antibiotics even tho people have agreed they are so harsh, and that they shouldn't be given unless truly necessary. The vet said she would need an enema if she can't clear all of her bowels but I am afraid of doing that, too.

I just don't want her to die and I'm having a hard time knowing if she's ok! I feel like since she is still young she should be eating and pooping more and I am just looking for some guidance on what to do.




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She also ate 15 crickets two days ago willingly and hunted them. Should I still give insects or only soft foods until she poops?


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If your ever been really constipated I assume it would be a similar feeling. It can be pretty painful (I wouldn't think massages are a good idea either).

Depending on where in the digestive trac the blockage is some pooping may be possible.

If the vet a reliable reptile one? Personally I would find as good of a vet as I can and if needed ask for X-rays before getting an enima or more antibiotics. (I actually see if there is a blockage to worry about)

What are your temps and lighting like?
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