What to make Viv out of?

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So I was wanting to make a 4x2x2 Viv for my beardy gollum. I was thinking of making it out of particle board and putting chicken wire on top for the lights, but what not really sure what to use for the front(I would like to have opening front doors). Any advice would be much appreciated :)


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In my opinion, if you are going to build it make a 4x2x2 crossfire VIV. they look better and are not all that expensive to make. I think with the light fixtures most ppl are spending about 100 bucks on them... I may be wrong...


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my advice is DONT USE MELAMINE for the enclosure, use somethng else like oak or anything other than the melamine! that stuff chips easy and isn't very durable in my opinion... :| some use it and love it but not me. if i could remake mine over again i woudl go with probably oak since its so durable.
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