What to do when your dragon lays eggs - Tutorial

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I have a problem, mine has started laying before i could even get a bag of sand so cant give her a lay box. She has laid 3 already and is still stratching around. Any ideas?
My female is currently digging and digging and digging!
She doesn't look full and she's also eaten plenty of protein how do I know if shes pregnant?
She's also been around a male that loves to mount her but when he does he doesn't exactly do anything
But then again that's when we are around the living room where he is
But idl if he's done anything during the night time so he might have made the move but it's hard to tell

Please help :)


Stella just laid eggs for the first time, last month.. (infertile.. no males) she laid 7, and then several days later another clutch of about 20 or so. That was only Good Friday a few weeks ago .....and now she's "in heat" again already. .. She laid 2 eggs a few days ago and is driving us nuts trying to get out.. completely wrecked the plexiglass of her viv, it's all scratched up now.. She runs full force into it trying to escape (gotta find a man!).. . .. Is this normal for the cycles to be so close? It's less than a month. I don't feel anything in her belly yet.
Is this going to continue all year??


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If your dragon starts to lay eggs before you prepare a lay bin do this. Get a small hand towel or a dish towel, run it under some water so it's wet and ring out the excess so its damp. Now wrap your female up with her rear end in the towel and prop it up like a tent around her shoulders or head to make her feel safe. This way she will hopefully lay all her eggs in one place and they will keep from drying out. When she's done, be sure to give her a warm bath, she will be very thirsty.
sweetiepie9":l30ogblp said:
That is a great tutorial. Another thing is to make sure the female regains her weight & energy before she lays another clutch. My Sweetie starting laying infertile eggs when she was 2 years old. She was the only dragon we had at the time. Her first year, she lay 4 clutches during the summer. She continued to do this yearly & in between we were able to feed her ample protein, calcium & salad to get her weight back up; as she got older & we got more dragons, even though she couldn`t see any of the males, she kept laying more & more infertile eggs. It was very difficult to get her weight up when she started laying 8 clutches per year, always infertile as we couldn`t breed her, we didn`t have the $ or space to raise babies. So it`s really important, even with infertile eggs, to build up the mom in between egg laying.

I'm so relieved to read this as we were shocked yesterday when we found Spikey's second batch of eggs. We thought for sure the batch at Easter would be her only one this year. I can't believe she could have even more during the course of the summer!
Thank you so much for posting this! I have a six month od female, and I wanted to move a male in with her. Im worried that they might breed at a young age...do you think that is likely? I was going to breed her later on though, how old do you recommended she should be before I breed her? And one more thing, it is highly unlikely because she is six months old, but my girl has been running around like crazy and scratching the sides of the tank, and if i take her out she starts trying to dig into the ground, and she digs into the newspaper in her cage as well. Do you think she has an infertile clutch? :/ this post has helped me alot :)


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Moving in a male with a female, even at 6 mo old, is taking the chance that the male would breed with her every minute of the day. It's best you only bring them together when you want to breed your female & I wouldn't recommend you breed them before your female is at least 1 1/2 to 2 years old. It takes alot of effort for a female to lay eggs and if you're not prepared for what it takes to raise the babies, it's not worth it. A female can have up to 4 fertile clutches of up to 30 eggs each, are you prepared to take care of over 60 babies, feeding them up to 50 or more small bugs a day? The UVB needed, constantly keeping an eye on them, giving them all daily baths, basking temps, as they're higher than normal. You need to keep babies at least 6 weeks to 2 months & then figure out who to sell them to. No to mention the constant cleaning of poops. So before you mate your beardies, please do your homework on taking care of babies. They take alot of care!


my 1 year old female just laid 17 infertile eggs yesterday, I was totally not prepared for it. Her 55 gallon substrate is repticarpet, with a pile of walnut shells at one end because she always seemed to like to dig. Last few days she has been running back and forth like crazy, and kept dumping her water bowl into the sand side. Lo and behold, I go to check on her and she has ALL the walnut shell piled up like almost four inches deep (it was about 1 1/2 at its thickest spot, and on less than 1/2 the terrarium), and she looked haggard. Sure enough, i found the eggs, they were yellow and dented. I let her finish burying them before i cleaned them out of her cage, gave her a bath, and lots of supers, dubias and salad. She is stating to get her color back and perk up. I thought she was too young, she has also never been bred, but I do have a male and female rankins dragon in the house, and she can see them,and I have even briefly put them together a couple of times for a photo, so I guess that is what triggered her to lay? :(. I am glad she came through it alright, because I totally wasn't expecting it.


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My female started laying eggs at 2 yrs old & I had no other dragons, so there's really no reason for infertile eggs; some females lay eggs & some don't. So it's not the Rankins either. Sweetie lay eggs every year at least 4 clutches (so you might expect more) until she was 5 1/2 yrs old. So you never know what sparks it off & she may not lay anymore but she may. The most important thing is to make up the calcium loss as the protein loss from the egg making. Extra calcium is a must, so look into that. If you're not sure of what to do about that, try putting in a separate request in this breeding topic. I always gave Sweetie liquid calcium daily when I got to know the signs that she'd be laying soon & for most of her laying season. So look into that. Glad she got her energy back. A good soak would do her good, too, as she's probably very thirsty. That's the only time Sweetie every drank from her bath, was after laying.
This is a really great tutorial. I don't want char to lay any eggs ever and I hope she never has to but I know its a more than likely situaation :shock:
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