What size is your enclosure?

What size is your enclosure?

  • 24”x 12”

    Votes: 365 31.0%
  • 36” x 12”

    Votes: 48 4.1%
  • 36” x 18”

    Votes: 260 22.1%
  • 36” x 24”

    Votes: 71 6.0%
  • 48” x 18”

    Votes: 138 11.7%
  • 48” x 24”

    Votes: 182 15.5%
  • 60” x 24”

    Votes: 31 2.6%
  • 72” x 24”

    Votes: 22 1.9%
  • Bigger than all these!

    Votes: 60 5.1%

  • Total voters


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Cailyth, Pinky, & Brain
What size is your enclosure?

I'm assuming that heights may vary from 16 to 30" or so (maybe some exceptions with specialty enclosures. So, I am listing only floor space as the options, since a beardie doesn't really use vertical room, other than where the branches are.

And for those that are thinking.. what on earth are pople doing with 24" x 12" enclosures... think babies (I hope).


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Only a 36"W x 18"D x 24"H, but most sources seem to agree that a 48"W x 24"D x 24"H is the bare minimum, and my beardie is very active, so hoping to upgrade in the near future. I think I'll have to custom-make the new enclosure as I want to get as large of an enclosure as possible (I have a table/stand that would be perfect for a 60"W x 30"D enclosure, and as beardies are semi-arboreal and my beardie loves to climb, I'll probably make an enclosure of 30-48" tall)


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Voted 60x24 because that's closest to my custom enclosure.

Its 50-W x 30-D x 40-H (ish) on the inside, I always forget the exact measurements. I really like the extra depth and height so she can run around. Devlyn turns around like a truck hauling a trailer so I accommodate her

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