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I have a female hypo citrus leather back tiger... And a male which is a zero ... What morphs would I get breeding these two ? I'm not wanting to breed for morphs as such just got two beautiful different beardies I thought may make a nice pairing :)


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Leatherback is a dominant trait so you would get leatherbacks, tiger may display as well I'm not sure. Hypo and zero are both recessive and won't display (unless each drangon that doesn't display now are het for it) citrus is color and color doesn't work like morphs, it's more like melting crayons and stirring it together.
Some babies could be het for hypo or zero. Leatherback won't be het. It displays or they don't carry the gene (with the rare exception of a recessive leatherback, but those are very uncommon)
Het mean they carry the gene but it isn't displayed visually.


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Assuming that you're 100% positive on the morphs of your dragons (EG no het genes that you aren't aware of) then the above pairing is essentially a hypo leather x zero.

Because like XP mentioned, only the leatherback morph in that group of morphs is dominant, the only visible morphs you will get from the pairing is leatherbacks. The hypo and zero morphs will go to all the babies since they are recessive genes, but they won't show. Which means those babies would have to mate with another het hypo/zero or a hypo/zero to produce offspring showing the morph.

Approximately 50% of the babies will be leatherback het hypo/zero, and the other 50% would be het hypo/zero.

If your zero is actually het hypo also, you'd get the following:

25% leatherback hypo het zero
25% leatherback het hypo/zero
25% hypo het zero
25% het hypo/zero

So if you get any hypos from your pairing, you'll know your male is actually a zero het/hypo.


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