What morphs are my hatchlings?

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This the license of the mom and dad, what offsprings did I get? :)

So far they seem to be all yellow and only 1 greyish brown.


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It says on the certificate sandfire yellow and sandfire red/gold. If they are what is listed, then they will develop a mix of those colors....yellowish/ orangey/ red. Mostly orangey color. They may change color quite a bit as they grow. If the parents have a great amount of color, the babies should develop that way also. Even some dragons that don't have a lot of color may produce some offspring that are higher colored than they. It's a waiting game to see how the babies turn out.
If they were actually from a TRUE “Sandfire” bloodline (almost every seller inaccurately calls their dragons “sandfires” these days) then you would have dragons from that bloodline, no more. They would not be any “morph” at all.
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