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Stella is about 4-5 months and a BIG girl. She is 15 inches and weighs 160 grams. I wa reading when they reach 12 inches that is a good indication they are subadult/young adult. Could she be subadult? She likes to bask at 102-105 and is eating more greens. Can I start feeding 1X a day safely?


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I would think you'd still want to feed her twice a day, as much as she'll eat in 15min along with fruit and veg available all day. Although she is 15 inches - she is still growing and needs to fill out more.



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wowza, thats a big beardie (gorgeous though). Are you sure she's only 4-5 month? Mine is the same age (see below photos) and really small compared to yours (hope mine isn't undersized!!). Hope you get some good advice
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