What kind of infections are there for bearded dragons ?


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We're taking Falcon in tomorrow for more blood tests to see what kind of infection he may have.

When we initially took him in for his a wellness checkup back at the end of Aug on his bday, we did a blood test just to make sure everything was okay. It came back with "elevation of some of his white blood cells that are indicative of inflammation; and evidence of immature white blood cells with what is call "toxic" change. This occurs when baby white blood cells are released before they mature, usually in response to an infection."
These lab results couldnt tell them what kind of infection he had so he was prescribed a broad antibiotic.

We re-did the blood test last week and the results today were the same/similar (so the antibiotic didnt work). So tomorrow we're going to take him in for various blood cultures so they can pinpoint/test exactly what kind of infection he may have.

Q: has anyone's dragon had infections before ? What kind of bacterial infections are there ? I couldnt find a big list and the ones i did find (URI, Mouth rot, yellow fungus), he didnt seem to exhibit any of the symptoms listed.

Aside from our exotic vet telling us he has some sort of infection, he seems fine - good appetite, no lethargy, shedding normally, normal/consistent bowel movements, walks around his tank in the morning (and if i take him outside of it, walks around), doesnt hide/isnt aggressive
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A beardie's blood tests may show elevated blood cell counts at times just from the stress. If you post his test results here someone can read them for you. It may not be anything that needs treatment at all.


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It could be parasitic not bacterial. You would need to have a fecal test done for that. Please collect it yourself and take it in within 24 hours of collection. Don't refrigerate it. And what ever you do, don't let tbe vet do an enema.

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