What is the best laybox?

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regular childrens playsand has always worked for me...just add some warm water so that it kind of clumps together a little bit so the female can dig a cave in it to lay the eggs in. Im sure other things can be used as well, but sand will def work.
I usually wait until I can feel that the eggs have moved down towards the cloacal region before I put her in the laybox..and she should be getting quite restless for a couple days in her normal enclosure (scratching on the glass, jumping around, trying to get out)...these are good signs that shes ready also
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My mated female, Delilah, started digging like crazy 2 days ago. I first set her up with one bag of moistened vermiculite (Lowes...$5), but that was too shallow...she was not impressed, as it was not deep enough. I then added a second bag in a deeper container. I placed a wine bottle in the laybox, at an angle, and packed the moist vermiculite firmly around it... then removed the bottle...to simulate the shape of a burrow. She was much happier...she went in and inspected...made some modifications, then backed the truck up into it. This morning she had covered the burrow up, and was standing guard. I am a newbie at all of this...and followed the suggestion of some more experienced posters...the pre-burrow idea was a great one for Delilah anyway.


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This is what I use. It hold moisture well without being "wet", and don't collapse like sand may tend to do after it deid out for a few days. Mine seem to really like it anyway.

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