what is growing on lloyd's head?

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Okay, so my child has had this growth on his head for a while now. He is 1.5 years old and I'd say it has been developing since he was about 6-8 months. It is in the V formation (if the picture isn't clear) and at the point of the V it has a huge bulge. I am very aware that this is not normal, and have been so concerned that I've taken him to multiple vets in my city but none of them have hardly any knowledge on beardies as it is, so they were no help.

It doesnt seem to bother him, and he is not sensitive to the touch there. He is a very healthy and active boy, we have had no issues whatsoever. He has a very balanced diet with fruits veggies and crickets/melaworms. I dust them with calcium and he has the best UV light money can buy. I change that bulb very regularly as I know they should be. His basking is at 107 and... thats all I can think to tell yall.

Basically I am just in need of expert opinions on what his weird V growth could be and what you think should be done about it. I hope to hear some good opinions!



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Behind their eyes, they have two fat stores. One behind each eye. I have never seen it form that way, but it could be some excess of stores that just formed different. Just my opinion.
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