What feeders do you breed? What feeders do you buy?

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Well I thought it would be interesting to see what feeders everyone keeps/breeds. Personally I have a extremely successful Turkistan Roach colony(red runners), of course they are extremely easy to keep and breed. I also have a fairly successful dubia colony (full rebuild due to problems from a previous group). And I have recently started up with supers (currently have about 15 beetles though these are my test run I will start doing the supers with many more worms to morph after the move). So what do you keep? What do you purchase instead of breed? I still purchase tons of crix every season for my babies but I am able to largely supplement their diet with my Turks.


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I have never cared to breed feeders. I'm sure I would save a ton of money if I did, but I prefer to just purchase them online. I buy supers, butters, horns and ocassionally silkies and waxies.


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I breed dubias, super worms (trial run) and hissers. The hissers are breeding like crazy. And I can almost keep my two youngest ones completly fed with them. The Dubias aren't breeding as rapidly but they are getting there and I started with 50 beetles for a superworm breeding project. I'll let you know how that goes. I am feeding 5 dragons on roaches and worms and the two littlest on mealie's and small hissers. (I know mealies aren't a great feeder, but I refuse to get back into crickets, not to mention most won't eat them anyway.)


I breed Dubias, i have 2 colonies. I bu the ocasional 2 dozen crickets when I want to dust them and its fun to watch Him hunt them. I bought 1000 Super worms today at the reptile show. He gulped 50 down at the 1st feeding LOL.

breed: Dubias
buy: Crickets and super worms


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Krik":2g4viucq said:
I breed Dubias, i have 2 colonies. I bu the ocasional 2 dozen crickets when I want to dust them and its fun to watch Him hunt them. I bought 1000 Super worms today at the reptile show. He gulped 50 down at the 1st feeding LOL.

breed: Dubias
buy: Crickets and super worms

how much did you pay for 1000 super worms?


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Breed Dubia which is the best decision I think a BD owner could make. Save a ton of money, they are such easy care, and require very little attention.

Occasionally buy crickets and silk/waxworms


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I breed dubias, discoids, superworms, mealworms, and of course crickets....

hornworms, I am hooked. I will be setting up a big incubator to start raising up eggs large scale. They are too cool.

Getting out of mealworms. Very easy to breed but nothing should really eat enough of them to actually need to breed them for myself, an the value has dropped so low, no sense in taking up space or resource to breed to sell them.

Dubias are like mealworms, easy to breed. But takes forever.

I will be breeding crickets, dubia, discoids and raising up hornworm eggs. At $20/1000, I will buy supers as needed.

I am still a big cricket promoter....

6 week full life cycles...almost as easy as dubias...

yes they are noisy....the smell is subjective to husbandry...

fast, cheap and easy food source.


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I breed dubias....super easy. I had no luck breeding supers when last I tried...I got loads of beetles no problem but baby worms ever appeared I am not sure what the issue was but I think I didn't put in enough moisture sources for food. We may try again sometime soon. I also didn't have any luck breeding crickets but at the time, none of my creatures were actually agreeing to eat crickets so I kind of neglected the breeding project. Now, a lot of my creatures are happy to eat crickets so I may give it a shot again..all I need to do is stick a bit of top soil in there with adults and mist it every couple of days, right? Will the adults eat the eggs/young or can I just leave them all in there together? We would like to try breeding some silk worms and maybe horn worms but we haven't gotten to it yet. Maybe this summer when soccer season and school ends.



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I got my hisser colony in today. Well the box came before I got home. Kristin moved it into the lizard room because the cats were far too interested. Now I must say that though they are still not near as bad as Turks, I was not truly prepared for what was in the box lol. Not to mention that I didn’t realize they hiss quite as loud as they do when aggravated lol. That said, I think they will be a very interesting species to keep and hopefully a great addition to my feeder program. Below are pictures from cutting open to feeding and all the in between motions lol. Only lost 5 in shipping which aint bad in a group of over 300. Without further ado here are the photos.

The big box

The littler box inside

What was waiting when I opened the littler box lol


The roach bin

Size comparison (there are bigger in the tank but I didn’t think to do a size comparison shot till towards the end)

And various roachy shots lol





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