What do you guys think of my tank set up?


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The lamps are apart of the thrive 40 gallon tank set up. I need you guys to let me know if I need to upgrade them and if the placement is right(I am not yet done decorating his cage) I need recommendations for a humidity gauge also.


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Those coil/compact bulbs are garbage, please get a long tube uvb asap. Use the dome for basking bulb and a ceramic heat emitter (for night time heat if needed). I recommend the Arcadia t5 12% fixture and bulb. It needs to be 12 to 15 inches from your beardie. If you continue to use that coil bulb your going to have trouble with your beardie eating, socializing and generally thriving. You can use the zoo med brand but i gave personally Had trouble out of 4 outta 4 since December so i switched all mine to Arcadia.
Karrieree will probably also check in with you, she is our in house lighting expert, just follow her advice and she can help you get it spot on.


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Thanks I’ll look into this
Try looking at Pet Smart for this UVB -- or you can go here and get a 24" Zoo Med Zoo Med ReptiSun T5 HO Hood comes w/ a 5.0 bulb you will need this one for your 40+ gallon tank
22" Zoo Med ReptiSun T5 HO Hood
this is the Pro T 5 we have suggested
Arcadia ProT5 12% UVB Bulb With Hood make sure the bulb is a 12% bulb
here is a link to a hygrometer Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer place on back center wall please
when you get the UVB please post back on here I can help you get it set up for your tank distance and placement will be determined by your screen

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