What are your beardies favorite fruit or veggie?


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I've tried multiple things with Smaug to help diversify his diet, but the only vegetable he is ever really interested in are collared greens. What have you had the most success with?
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Hazel my female year old beardie
My beardie likes Apples, banannas(Only feed like once or twice a month due to too much calcium, making them sick), Kale, Romaine Lettuce(Only feed 5 days a week), Blueberries, and peaches(Only feed twice a week.


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How old is Smaug? My baby beardie has zero interest in his salads, but will eat kale sometimes. Could be an age thing!


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Definitely butternut squash, followed by collard greens and deandelion greens. I had to slip in a piece of the squash while he was eating a super to get him to even try it, but once he tasted it he couldn't get enough. He tried one bite of strawberry once, looked at me like I was nuts for trying to feed it to him, and literally turned his nose up at it. Also had some luck with alfalfa and clover sprouts.
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Collards Greens by far are her favorite and doesnt like to stray from those! Runner up would be Mustard Greens.


Once in a while she likes some sliced banana and sliced grapes.


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Verstappen and Checo
Seems collard greens are a go to for most beardies. Mine always seem to pick every piece of collard greens out of their salad before touching anything else lol


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Mine loved kale, and red bell peppers, any squash, alot of things were slow to start, but if you can sneak it in they realize how good it is!


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Zen , Ruby ,Snicker Doodles, Sweet Pea, Sinatra
Mine like anything with a certain look, it has to look like a hornworm or dubai lol

Yolanda W.

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Yoshi loves yellow squash! He also enjoys arugula and kale. He also enjoys watermelon but I've only given it to him twice, once this month and once last month to ensure it isn't too much for him. I definitely have to try collard greens since that seems to be a popular response. lol

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